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How Pokemon GO Can Benefit Your Business: Advice from Our Texas SEO Consultants

Admin - Thursday, August 18, 2016

Just one week after its launch, the augmented reality game Pokemon GO had double the engagement of Snapchat and trumped Twitter in terms of daily active users. With players venturing out to dig their hands into what the game has to offer, businesses are capitalizing on this potential foot traffic using in-app purchases and creative marketing campaigns. Our Texas SEO consultants at WSI Superior Analytics explore how you can use Pokemon GO to benefit your business below.


PokeStops are areas where players can collect rewards and items. These areas generate the most foot traffic, so the first thing to do is determine if your business is considered to be a PokeStop or is even near one. Developer Niantic has not provided an official map of PokeStop or Gym locations yet, but their other game Ingress has portals that overlap with these Pokemon GO regions. This map can be accessed here after installing and signing in to Ingress using your Google account.

What Next?

If you’re business is a PokeStop or is in the proximity of one, the next thing to do is purchase an in-game item called a “Lure Module.” This item attracts Pokemon to the areas for 30 minutes and costs less than a dollar. More Pokemon means more players, making this a great way to capitalize on the success of this game and potentially turn players into paying customers. A perfect example of this was observed in Queens, New York, where L’inizio’s Pizza Bar spent $110 dollars in lure modules and just six days later, his transactions increased by 75 percent.

“We dropped the module here and people starting flocking – constant – the past five, six days,” said owner Thomas Blaze Lattanzio. “It’s just been amazingly outrageous the amount of people coming in.”


Although lures can’t be used at Gyms, players battle it out for control of these regions on a regular basis, leaving open plenty of opportunity for marketing. For example, offer rewards for players that hold the Gym and post screenshots of current Gym leaders on your business’ social media. Use hashtags such as #PokemonGO and #Pokemon to connect with players so that you can inform them of your specials and events.

Other Strategies

Not near a gym of PokeStop? You’re just going to have to get more creative. Reward players for bringing in pictures of their rare Pokemon, especially those that have been caught near your business. Post these pictures on social media and create a buzz about the potential creatures to be caught at your business’ location.

The Pokemon GO craze is at its peak and like most trends, it definitely won’t last forever. Our Texas SEO consultants can help you take advantage of the potential of this app and use it to bolster your profits. For more information or to inquire about our free website review, give us a call at 214-254-4020 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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