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How to Solidify Your Local Google SEO Footprint – Expert Advice from Our SEO Consultants

Admin - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

As the frequency of “near me” Google searches continues to rise, so does the importance of local search visibility. Potential customers are going to be using Google to look for the businesses that they need, most likely on a mobile platform, and if you want to set your self apart from the competition your going to need to know some tips. Our SEO consultants at WSI Superior Analytics outline some tips on solidifying your local Google SEO footprint below to help you get the customer base that you desire.

Check Your Google Standing

Before you begin to optimize your Google SEO footprint, do a quick search of your business name and see where it stands. It’s possible that you may already be in the results, but even if this is the case there is still more work you can do. It’s important to keep in mind that Google customizes its results continuously based on factors such as the following:

  • Location
  • Device type
  • Social media connections
  • Past searches

Claim and Verify Your Local Listing 

For those who have a business that is listed but not claimed by someone who represents your business, you need to claim and verify your local listing. During this process you can officially confirm that the data listed for your business is accurate and make any necessary changes.

Claim Other Listings 

In addition to your local Google information, you will notice that some listings for your business stem from reviews and information from other sites. Online reviews have an extremely strong influence on consumer habits, with a survey by Dimensional Research finding that they affect 88% of respondents. If you notice any bad reviews, make an effort to communicate with these consumers and make things right.

Manage Your Local Listings

Make an effort to become familiar with software tools that are designed for management and monitoring of your local listings as well as other sites that have local data for your business. This is a tricky task, but ensuring that you can maintain the accuracy of your local Google SEO listings can give your company extremely beneficial growth. Our SEO specialists are familiar with these kinds of software and management techniques and can ensure that you get through the process with ease.

Mobile Friendly

With Google’s new mobile ranking algorithm, the importance of mobile search engine optimization is as important as ever. Mobile-friendly websites get much better visibility than non-mobile-friendly sites, meaning if you want to standout from the sea of competitors then you need to focus on your website’s mobile performance.

Monitoring your local Google SEO footprint can help you expand your business’s reach and draw in customers that would otherwise never stumble upon it. For access to comprehensive knowledge of relevant digital marketing techniques, give our SEO consultants a call at (214) 254.402 and we can help you get started.


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